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Okay, so. I got a dog bite that caused possibly-long-term (sensory?) nerve damage in addition to really painful puncture wounds on my dominant hand. I cannot use my left hand for drawing/writing/anything requiring fine manual dexterity. I don’t know when it will heal and I’m not going to be able to work on art stuff until it does. :/ Sorry about that.

Whooo, finally found a battle sprite style for MoaK that i both like and can get roughs out fairly quickly with~

Rags is something of a bonus boss, but hey: I needed more than just the player character to use the kid-sized sprite bases (spoilers rags is hella tiny). Um, anyway: I’m considering this a beta sprite, since I just did this as a break from my continued struggles with programming basic shit like menus. It’s not finished (hell, I just did some more minor edits in between typing this up and I have color edits to do), but it’s something I can look to as progress and as a guideline for how the other battle sprites should look. (It’s huge because I’d rather downsize a bit more to fit than have to redo an entire sprite sheet because I made it too small.)

This is a frame from later in the landing animation; she’s really jumpy when attacking normally and drops down from the top of the screen when entering the battlefield, so I need more landing frames than the general “knocked on face/back” ones.

And that’s enough procrastination out of me. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH :I

oh god my haaaaannd. you guys have no idea how much tiny details are in this thing. like, this cropping is roughly the height of my thumb. and it’s not even finished yet

Anyway! More ~*~OC draws~*~. This is “Fuzzy” (she. she doesn’t have a name yet.), she doesn’t really show up like this so I’m free to clutter up this design as much as I want. :v She’s got the whole “forest spirit” thing going on; at the point where she looks like this, she’s basically haunting a forest and her body probably rotted away ages ago. How did it happen? Why is she a tree?? TRULY THESE ARE THE MYSTERIES OF OUR TIME

And yes, those are flowers coming out of her eye sockets.

(probably going to stick the full version on my patreon when it’s done, fair warning)

Technically unfinished, but who knows when I’ll have the money to get markers for coloring it? (tho’ it’d be a patreon exclusive anyway…)

Say hi to Orrissa. Orrissa is my Favorite Character (well, second to Orrdalf anyway) from the House of Orr webcomic (which is really excellent, you should read it). She’s cute and clever and a total badass. Can’t really elaborate without spoilers, but really. Orrissa’s amazing. House of Orr is amazing.


I appear to be physically incapable of not having her look directly at the camera when I draw her like this.

An OC of mine that I’ve posted pictures of before. This is how she actually looks, though. …I really like how this came out, for the most part. Especially the halo effect.

Done with pens on the back of an index card.

Just some cute little chibi-ish monsters (shut up Sylveon totally counts) I wanted to do. Each was made with a different Colourpod palette; the dragon was this one and Sylveon was this one plus an additional color, but I don’t remember the rest.

In related news: I’ve been feeling like crap and I really wanted to draw cute-as-shit things that are not people. So I decided to have a chibi monster sale! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

All will be sold for a flat rate of 5.00 USD (this isn’t underpricing; they’re flat-colored, so I can do 2-4/hour depending on the complexity), and the sale ends April 6th.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Things to note in the order:
Gender! Male, female, whatever! Mostly determines what I do if I decide to add a ~*~kawaii accent~*~ or something.
Monster Type!; Is it a dragon, a chimera, a roller, a Pokemon, what? Note that it can’t be a humanoid monster; even in my cutesy-chibi-style they take too long for my current brainstate.
Monster job! Optional, but if you want your monster to be a teacher or doctor or something I can add those details!
Palette! This is optional, but if you want a specific palette used (be it specific colors or just “red and blue, please!”/”Dark colors only!”) be sure to note it!
Important details/refs! If you don’t give me these, I’m winging it.

There are ten slots to start, but there’s an overflow list without a limit! Note that the overflow list doesn’t mean I’m guaranteed to do yours, it just means that if I’m still up to it I’ll start on yours as soon as you pay me.

Examples are the little dudes above! Note that that’s pretty much the size range. They’re kind of tiny!

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ SLOTS:


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ OVERFLOW:

(…i apologize for my unusual excitability; the same thing that’s making me miserable severely worsens my adhd.)

i may or may not have a vendetta against your eyeballs

I see a lot of mistakes in this, but I’ve got to live with them because tbh I’ve spent too much time on it already. (did u no that SAI has no color-replace tool????? WHY IS FRICKING PAINT AHEAD OF THE CURVE HERE)

annnnnyway, one of my OCs being cute as done in horrible eye-searing colors courtesy of this palette. Not 100% finished now that I look at it zoomed-out, but I’ll figure out something to make it less empty-feeling later.

I have run out of fucks to give because reasons but here, have a dragon. I originally posted it on Patreon, so if you want to send me a buck or two that’d be great.

Just a random green flying in the sunset. Sometimes a dragon painting is just a dragon painting.

(I’ll be re-scanning it along with my other paintings when the Great Flattener (read: two books and some 2.5kg weights) has room for more paintings.)

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