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Okay, decided to whip this up because of the following reasons:

1) I get this question a lot. Apparently there are a ton of folks out there that are really new to paypal and while I don’t mind helping, having a good reference page for folks that shows you exactly what to do will cut down the time I spend explaining it.

2) I’ve had two flags on my account in the past year because no one check the “No Shipping Required” box. So Paypal comes to me and says “Hey you didn’t ship our their thing!!!” but I do digital commissions…there’s nothing to ship! So this step is really important!

3) I often have to give out my Paypal email over and over for this and I figured having it in one spot might help!

There will be a new page on my blog with these images and I’ll try to keep them up to date if Paypal happens to change their format! Hope this helps you guys!

(Interested in commissioning me? Check out this page here!)

Alternatively, the artist can send out an invoice. There are no options for services when the artist is the one requesting money but the “shipping confirmation” can be bypassed by selecting “no tracking information.” So long as no one expects a physical copy to be sent, it’s not a big deal.

An important infographic.

Sometimes I get sidetracked by ideas I lack the skills to carry through. Say hi to one of them. (It’s a horror game and the ai i want is more complicated than I can manage)

The first image is a sketch of the player character, the chibi is an NPC, and the monster is a monster that is not designed to be seen as more than flashes of weird movement, bright eyes, and long fingers in dark hallways which is why it looks a little silly on its own.

I’ll be painting these, but I liked the sketches enough that I wanted to preserve them before I went to town with the paint, so. vOv

Only partially shaded, but I’m exhausted and unfortunately I cannot spend as much time on non-paying arts as I’d like. :(

This lovely lady is the character I play on Vertigo Weyr; it’s a Pern RP forum that’s pretty laid-back and generally chill. I like it, basically. Aleksand here is a dragonrider who is secretly an ex-highwayman. She’s basically the embodiment of awful and I adore her. :3 Her dragon’s based on old-school unicorns too, so there’s different flavors of awful in that duo~

Her outfit’s heavily based on regency fashion combined with ~*~MAGICAL GIRL~*~ because goshdarnit if I’m not hilariously predictable sometimes. She’s loosely based on another OC I’ve posted pictures of here.

therainingkiwi asked:

hello it's cjapplepies from your habitrpg party--I just found your blog on your habit profile and thought I'd follow you. So. Yeah. Hello.

Hey, cj! o/ I think I forgot to hit the follow button while browsing through your blog so i just went to do that~! :v Thank you for following!

This has technically been finished for a while (seeing as I drew the picture for my mom’s mother’s day card and all) but. so stressed and tired.

It’s an elephant and her calf hugging. It’s pink because why not (I’ll be making a variety of color variants but this is the finished one). The lines were inked traditionally and touched up in SAI, and the colors were entirely digital. There will be more animal parent images coming up, but it’ll be a bit.

If you want the design on a mug or something you can buy things with the design on my Zazzle store. I’ll be putting it up on Patreon in a bit, too.


All base prices are in USD and are as follows:

B/W chibi - 5.00 USD
B/W bust - 7.50 USD
B/W fullbody - 10.00 USD
Color chibi - 6.50 USD
Color bust - 13.00 USD
Color fullbody - 28.00 USD
Reference sheet (full turn-around, close-up of face, flat colors) - 65.00 USD.
Comics - 75.00 USD per page (15.00 to 25.00/page if you want me to color a preexisting page)
Animation - Base price times number of frames. No shading.

Backgrounds and additional figures cost extra; the exact amount varies depending on what is asked. Comics will likely go further above base price than anything else.

While I will do explicit art for 10.00 USD extra, I won’t draw things like lolicon/shotacon. If you do not want me to post the work online, it will cost 15.00 USD extra. Traditional art will cost more depending on size of the work, material cost, and price of shipping.

I will not start on the commission until I’ve been paid at least half, and won’t progress past the sketch phase until I’ve been paid in full.

If you want to commission me e-mail me at erinammin (at) gmail (dot) com (which is also my PayPal email). All finished art will be uploaded to here and by default, and I’ll send you a high-quality, unwatermarked version of the image (for traditional work i’ll ship you the original after getting a high-quality scan).

Reblogging to note that this has been updated quite a bit and remind you guys that my 10% off Pokémon sale is ending June 7th!

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